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Argent plaqué or jaune



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With the SwissMap bracelet, Switzerland is never far from your heart... or your wrist. This delicate creation in yellow gold-plated silver is a tribute to the marvelous Swiss landscapes, from the soaring Alps to peaceful lakes. For travelers and dreamers, the SwissMap is a constant source of inspiration, a reminder of past adventures and future explorations. Take a piece of Switzerland with you and let the spirit of travel guide your path.


  • Created in Switzerland
  • Made in Italy
  • Precious metal (925 silver)
  • 3 micron yellow gold plated
  • Allergen free
  • Size of Switzerland: 2.3 cm

Shipping and Warranty

  • Packed in a gift box
  • Shipped in 24 hours
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects and hidden defects
  • Free returns and exchanges within 15 days
  • Free delivery
  • Shipping in 48 hours
  • One size, adjustable
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swissmap bracelet

A word from the designer

"We wanted to maintain the characteristic finesse of the Swiss Accent bracelets. The silhouette of Switzerland fits perfectly with our aesthetic vision. To be honest, this bracelet is my favorite of the collection..."

Dessin 3D du bracelet SwissMap en argent plaqué or jaune zoomé sur les poinçons de l'argent 925 et du poinçon de maître de Swiss Accent

Swiss accent quality


Each piece of jewelry is discreetly (~1.5 mm) authenticated by the maker's mark representing the Shield of Helvetia and the first letter of the first name of one of the founders of Swiss Accent.

The second hallmark guarantees the use of the precious material 925 silver.

Boîtes noir Swiss Accent pour packaging

swissmap bracelet


Each bracelet comes in a black Swiss Accent box. Ideal for safe arrival at home or as a gift!