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Photos des fondateurs de Swiss Accent, Mathilde et Romain Ulmann

Our history

“Swiss Accent was born from a passionate union.

When we got married, we already shared more than just a life together: a common vision.

This vision crystallized around Romain's original creations, the SwissFlag bracelet and the GenevaKey, launched in 2017 and have since become essentials, sold by the thousands.

I found these bracelets exceptional, and wanted to put them back in the spotlight.

Our collaboration gave birth to two new designs, the fruit of hard work and a shared passion for Switzerland, our native country.

We wanted to offer much more than just jewelry: an experience, a piece of our Swiss heritage encapsulated in each piece, accessible to all.

Swiss Accent is the story of two creative souls, united in life and in their mission to share a little bit of Switzerland with the world, through jewelry that tells a story, our story."

Mathilde, Co-founder

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